The Fantastic Onetastic!

Want to find out about the most powerful set of FREE add-ons and tools for OneNote? Then keep reading to learn about OneTastic! OneNote is arguably the crown jewel in the Office Suite, a hidden jewel, but a jewel none-the-less. The premier note taking application is nearly universal, found across all platforms except the former … More The Fantastic Onetastic!

What I use

I am a huge believer in the pen as one of the most flexible, efficient, and intuitive devices for human learning, creativity and planning. Lawyers have long used pen and paper to take notes, often furiously in trial, I never wanted to change that, I just wanted to make that experience a little better. Of the three major eco-systems, iOS, Android, and Windows, only Microsoft fully embraced digital ink as a first class data citizen in their OS. … More What I use