A Lawyer’s Onetastic Starter Kit

The first thing any serious OneNote user wants to do is install Onetastic, a set of add-ins and macros that will take your organization and preparation to the next level. In this post I’ll share some of the must have Onetastic macros to download, and provide a brief step by step to installing this free fantastic Onetastic add-on! Note, there are going to be some hyperlinks throughout this post. I’ve linked to the page where the download button appears at Omer Atay’s Onetastic blog so you can take a look before anything downloads!

Determine which version of Onetastic to install


To do this, start in your OneNote desktop application. Go to File -> Accounts -> and then click on the “About OneNote” icon. An information screen will appear.

After clicking “About OneNote” you will find your version in the upper right area of the first line of the info window that appears. In this case I have the 32-bit.

After downloading be sure to exit OneNote before beginning the install!

Now your OneNote will have these added icons on the “Home” tab. I already explored some of the most useful features of Onetastic here!

Now lets download some very useful Macros.  A series of automated actions that could be done manually, but why bother when some helpful developers have made the tasks automatic?!  Just hit the “Download Macros” button on your OneNote home tab or go here!

Here is a list of Macros from Onetastic’s Macroland database that I think are particularly useful for OneNote power-user attorneys!

Clean Authors – This handy macro will allow you to clean the author tags that appear next to content in OneNote. Very useful if you want to focus on the content of a team notebook, like when you have multiple attorney’s working on a case file and just want to see the content.

Insert Calendar – This macro inserts a selectable month calendar from the year of your choice. I find this useful during the case preparation stage when I want to know what day of the week certain events happened in a case I am preparing for. It makes preparing a case timeline very easy!

Multi-Keyword Search – This will search for type written text and find paragraphs with multiple keywords and generate a new page that summarizes them. Caution, this won’t work with the OneNote’s search of handwriting and text within inserted pictures and documents! Still useful for personal research!

Set All Pictures as Background – OneNote allows you to insert full page printouts of nearly any type of document or picture. You can then write notes on the page, but the printout is also a moveable object. This macro will “anchor” the document and make it the background meaning you can’t accidentally move the document and mess up your hand written notes. Really useful for case prep when you have your long documents inserted on one page (my personal preference!)

Set All Images Not as Background – Undoes the work of the last macro, sometimes you just need to re-arrange things!

Select Images – A quick and easy tool to select all the inserted documents, a great way to grab a hold of everything to move it around as needed!

Perfect Printouts – A recent addition and this one is a MUST HAVE for any lawyer using OneNote. This macro will add page numbers next to each page of a multi-page document that has been added, it will then move them so that they will print out neatly, great addition for those that want to print out their digital notebooks as a backup!

Insert Legal Symbols – Self-explanatory, it could be improved with keyboard shortcuts though.

TOC in Current Notebook – Creates a hyperlinked TOC of your current notebook. Never make a manual TOC again for your trial notebooks! Fantastic tool, I use this one a lot!

TOC in Current Section – Creates a hyperlinked TOC of the pages in the current section tab, useful for a more specific TOC when you don’t need one for the entire notebook.

TOC on Current Page – Saving one of the best for last! This is where some really detailed trial preparation comes into play. Using the Heading style on an OneNote page to title certain portions of a transcript for example will create a quick hyperlinked TOC that you can quickly jump to.  I use this to prepare direct examination and cross examination questions based upon prior transcript statements. Just type out the subject matter using the Heading style next to the relevant part of a document and run this macro for a quick way to organize any line of questions. *Bonus hint* Since the hyperlink takes you to the part of the page with the typed out Heading, use the space around that heading for your handwritten (or screen clipped, or typed out notes.) This is one of my most used tools to craft examinations by topic and keep my questions laser focused.

Those are my top picks for any lawyer, or law student that wants to get started with Onetastic. Be sure to let me know how these work out for you!


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