Sticky Notes – Now with Less Paper!

If you work in a law office chances are you’ve come across sticky notes.  Little pieces of colored paper with a resin on the back that lets you stick them to nearly any surface.

They come in all shapes and sizes, some are custom made even.  Are you aware however, that you can create digital sticky notes that will sit on top of your desktop on your PC?  Well ever since Windows Vista, Microsoft has had a handy little piece of software built into Windows called Sticky Notes!


sticky notes

You can open the app in Windows just by typing Sticky Notes into the start menu search.  It works on Windows 7 through the latest release of Windows 10.  Sticky Notes also has a bright future with the digital ink improvements coming to Windows 10 this summer!

A brief aside on digital ink.  Windows 10 PC’s such as the Surface Pro 4 come with a digital pen that allow you to handwrite your sticky notes just like always!

So how do they work?  Glad you asked!

sticky notes right click

When you open the app a blank sticky note appears.  You can put your cursor inside and start typing away.  This is a really basic text platform, but if you know the basic text editing shortcuts you can make some more use out of these.


Microsoft has a handy guide to the keyboard shortcuts!

msft sn

These notes will “stick” to your desktop so long as you don’t click the little X in the top right corner – that will delete the sticky notes.  If you want to hide them, just close the window.


closing sn.png

Need ideas for how to use your sticky notes?

  • To Do List
  • Quick Reminders
  • Phone messages
  • Daily Motivational message
  • Creative artwork



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