OneNote in OneMinute – Screen Clipping

Some ideas for screen clipping;

1.Clip portions of transcripts to prepare a line of questioning.

2.Clip portions of narrative reports to focus in on key points and cut out the irrelevant materials.

3.Create slides quickly from mapping software / websites for use as exhibits or demonstratives.

4.Save pictures of webpages for later use / research.

5.Arrange multiple clipped portions in a side by side comparison for case analysis.

6.Use it to create web content for a blog or MCLE articles! (I use this a lot)
More OneNote in OneMinute – Screen Clipping

Google Earth Pro is Free and Useful

One of the most interesting options for mapping demonstratives and exhibits is Google Earth Pro. It used to be prohibitively expensive at $399.00 but now with the GEPFREE promo code any lawyer or law student can download and install it for free. Google Earth Pro opens up a whole new realm of demonstrative and exhibit possibilities. With the Movie Maker and Path functions you can create virtual flyovers of locations and re-create the movement of key elements of any case. … More Google Earth Pro is Free and Useful

The Leading Edge (Browser!) in Digital Ink

Normally I take all my notes in OneNote, one of the best digital ink experiences around. It seems Microsoft took that knowledge and expanded it to the new freeform digital ink markup tool in Edge, and you know what? It is a very convenient way to take notes, and makes a perfect introduction to digital ink for those that haven’t experienced it! It’s called Edge Web Notes. Let me show you how to get started! … More The Leading Edge (Browser!) in Digital Ink

Forbidden Fruit? Why the Surface Pro 4 is better than the iPad Pro for litigators.

Surface Pro is a better device to make the transition from an analog lawyer to a digital attorney. It represents the best of how we used to do our work (pen) and the best of the future (flexible tablet computing devices that fit our workflow). When I set out to take the less paper route I started with the iPad. It didn’t do everything that I needed. I couldn’t multitask with multiple programs and instances of a single program running at once. Transferring files onto the device was a chore in the early days, and still relies on another PC to manage the files. I could only do one thing at a time, write notes, or review a document for a case never both. The iPad is a device that requires a full PC to do the content creation and organization, I wanted to have one device to create and consume, to handwrite and reference, a legal pad and trial notebook that was courtroom friendly. The Surface Pro line has brought my goal of a digital legal pad and trial notebook replacement to life. Let me tell you why. … More Forbidden Fruit? Why the Surface Pro 4 is better than the iPad Pro for litigators.

What I use

I am a huge believer in the pen as one of the most flexible, efficient, and intuitive devices for human learning, creativity and planning. Lawyers have long used pen and paper to take notes, often furiously in trial, I never wanted to change that, I just wanted to make that experience a little better. Of the three major eco-systems, iOS, Android, and Windows, only Microsoft fully embraced digital ink as a first class data citizen in their OS. … More What I use