Presenting at Riverside County Bar Association – April 13, 2016

The fast paced environment of a trial courtroom leaves little room to be fumbling with a piece of software that makes you stop and think like a computer before you can access the data you need. OneNote allows you to prepare the digital notebook in such a way that you still think of it as a tabbed notebook, just on a screen instead of in a three ring binder. … More Presenting at Riverside County Bar Association – April 13, 2016


Google Earth Pro is Free and Useful

One of the most interesting options for mapping demonstratives and exhibits is Google Earth Pro. It used to be prohibitively expensive at $399.00 but now with the GEPFREE promo code any lawyer or law student can download and install it for free. Google Earth Pro opens up a whole new realm of demonstrative and exhibit possibilities. With the Movie Maker and Path functions you can create virtual flyovers of locations and re-create the movement of key elements of any case. … More Google Earth Pro is Free and Useful

What I use

I am a huge believer in the pen as one of the most flexible, efficient, and intuitive devices for human learning, creativity and planning. Lawyers have long used pen and paper to take notes, often furiously in trial, I never wanted to change that, I just wanted to make that experience a little better. Of the three major eco-systems, iOS, Android, and Windows, only Microsoft fully embraced digital ink as a first class data citizen in their OS. … More What I use